Green Building Design Group (GreenBDG) is a registered non profit organisation that provides an open platform for the optimisation of green building design processes within the built environment.

GreenBDG uses its open platform to ensure active collaboration between the academia, public sector and private sector built environment participants.

GreenBDG began as a vision to bringing together all design professionals, consultants, associations, inspectors, contractors including the private trading & manufacturing businesses through the practical training and development of professionals within the built environment.

Responding to this need, as well as the call to raise the bar of green building design awareness in both private and public sector, the Going Green Conferences (GGCs) were established with a purpose to develop practital building efficienc technicl guidelines in the country.


GreenBDG organisation promotes resource efficiency and identifies opportunities for effective life cycle costing within infrastructure projects.

We have identified five main areas of collaboration, namely:

  • Continuous improvement of Building Efficiency Technical Guidelines (BET)
  • Training and Development of industry professionals through the accredited Going Green Education (GGE);
  • Knowledge sharing between academia, private and public sector participants through the annual Going Green Conferences (GGC)
  • Promoting sustainable environmental friendly products through Going Green Products (GGP)
  • Empowerment of Young Professionals and tertiary students through focused learning and conferences that encourages them to be innovative and responsive to the needs of the industry.

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