The Building Efficiency Technical (BET) Guideline is a series of documents developed by our members and delegates attending the annually held Going Green Conferences (GGCs) with the assistance of international participants to be used by professionals.


Going Green Corporate Membership (GGCM) allows our corporate sector a platform to be recognised as one of the leaders in green building design.


Going Green Professional Members is a directory of our individual specialist or professionals who promote sustainability design approaches.


We established Going Green Education (GGE) to offer sustainability training in the built environment. Our World Going Green Cafes are designed to empower all tertiary candidates with entrepreneurial and innovative skills. Our focus is on individuals who are passionate and intend to grow their skills in the green building sector.


The Going Green Conferences known as GGCs are annually held green building conferences. This CPD accredited events focuses on transfer of skills, sharing of green building methods within technical aspects of architecture and engineering services whilst offering life cycle costing ideas.


The Going Green Product (GGP) is a directory of accredited sustainable building products which have been reviewed by our professional members. Our members are experts in the field and have the capability to inform the industry about the products that add value to green design methods.

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